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Hanukkah Grand Fresh Pastry Gift Basket

How to Make Beautiful Hanukkah Gift Baskets

Hanukkah is coming and it’s time to start thinking about some of the gifts you’re going to give out. Instead of just buying something for your friends and family, why not make them a Hanukkah gift basket? We’ve got you covered with some great tips below for assembling a Hanukkah gift basket you can be proud of.


The basket selection is very important as it is the foundation for the entire gift and visually ties everything together. Baskets come in many types. Consider whether you want to go with a basic wicker basket or something a little more creative. Hobby and craft stores tend to have higher-end baskets that are sure to impress but you can also find some great basket at dollar stores.

Tissue Paper

Get some holiday-themed tissue paper. Tissue paper is often used as the base at the bottom of the basket on top of which the gifts are placed. A Hanukkah-themed tissue paper will help set a festive tone for the basket. You can also use shredded holiday paper or any other creative base for your basket.


Now for the fun part! Fill the basket with Hanukkah gifts. You may decide to include things such as chocolate coins (gelt), menorahs, and dreidels or stick to kosher treats and snacks.


Wrap it in clear or festive cellophane to give it that extra touch of beauty. This creates a very professional and polished look for your Hanukkah gift basket and will help propel your basket from good to great.


Tie on some ribbon or string for decoration to create the ultimate wow-factor. A good tip for making ribbon more decorative is to carefully run the hard harrow edge of anything flat (i.e., a credit card, a coin, scissors) along the ribbon. As you pass over it, the ribbon will curl giving it a very festive look.

Making a Hanukkah gift basket can be fun, easy, and makes for a great gift. We’ve compiled some tips above to make your process easier but if you want to save time and money, consider simply purchasing one of our kosher Hanukkah gift baskets right here at Kosherline.com. We have a large selection with all of your favorite Hanukkah treats and offer free shipping for our members. Go ahead and use the menu to browse to the Hanukkah gift basket section or simply click here.

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