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Tropical Abundance Kosher Fruit Basket


Send a message of sunshine with this Tropical Abundance Kosher Fruit Basket. This exquisite gift basket is filled with an abundance of luscious, fresh organic fruit, including:

  • Imperial Comice Pears
  • Buerre Bosc Pear
  • Red Pear
  • Pineapple
  • Mangos
  • Navel Oranges
  • Mandarins with Leaves
  • Braeburn Apples
  • Granny Smith Apple
  • Kiwi
  • 4 oz. bag of Torn Ranch Dried Fruit

Perfect for just about any occasion, this beautiful basket is sure to make a lasting impression and show the recipient how much you care.

Boxed Weight: 18 lbs.

Dimensions (inches): 18 x 14 x 12.

Availability: Year-round.

Product Contents

Tropical Abundance Fruit Basket Includes:

    3 Imperial Comice Pears, 1 Buerre Bosc Pear, 1 Red Pear, 1 Pineapple, 2 Mangos, 2 Navel Oranges, 5-7 Mandarins with Leaves, 2 Braeburn Apples, 1 Granny Smith Apple, 3 Kiwis, 4oz. bag Torn Ranch Dried Fruit.

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Tropical Abundance Kosher Fruit Basket - KosherlineTropical Abundance Kosher Fruit Basket
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