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How Many Hanukkah Gifts Are You Supposed To Give?

Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday celebrating community and resilience. Originally, the holiday had nothing to do with gift-giving, but as Jewish culture moved around the world and began to accommodate other cultures – particularly Christianity and its Christmas traditions – many communities began giving gifts.

Here’s what you need to know about Hanukkah gift giving.

Who You Need to Buy Hanukkah Gifts For

There are no set rules for who you should give gifts to during Hanukkah. Because it is not part of the original tradition, many people set their own rules for who they give gifts to. 

In most communities, it’s standard for parents to give gifts to their children, and for families to give Hanukkah gifts to each other. Some people choose to go beyond this and offer gifts to close friends or coworkers if they feel they are sufficiently close to them or have the opportunity to do so. 

How Many Hanukkah Gifts are You Supposed to Give?

Once again, there is no strict rule for how many Hanukkah gifts you are supposed to give because the tradition of gifting is relatively new. However, it’s generally accepted that parents can give their children one small gift each – such sweets or gelt – on each of the eight nights of Hanukkah. 

Some families have taken to giving everyone small presents each night, with the final night being the time to receive one large present as a way to end the holiday.


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