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How Purim Is Celebrated Around the World

Purim is an important holiday in Jewish tradition, and as such, Jewish communities everywhere have crafted their own versions of the holiday to match their cultures. Here are some ways that Purim is celebrated around the world.

Purim in Europe

Purim in France means gathering smooth stones together before the Megillah reading and inscribing them with Haman’s name. Whenever Haman’s name appears in the text, the stones are crashed together.

In Germany, there’s an older Purim tradition of creating wax candles in the shape of Haman and his wife. The candles are lit during the Megillah reading so that that crowd can watch the two villains melt away.

Purim in Western Asia

In Yemen, Jewish children create an effigy of Haman out of straw and parade it around town on a donkey or horse-drawn cart as they hand out treats to family and friends. Alternatively, in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, Jewish people build “snow-Hamans” near synagogues, which would be slowly melted by a bonfire in the evening.

Purim in Israel

Purim in Israel is met with carnivals, parades, and dress-up parties. There are massive inflatable balloons, similar to Thanksgiving parades in the United States. It’s also a time of year for lots of baked goods and gift giving, and is a popular holiday around the country.

Purim in North America

Purim in North America is treated with much of the same costume enthusiasm as Halloween, with children dressing as their favorite characters for costume parties and parades through the streets. North American Jewish people will often donate to charities or run charity campaigns during Purim as well.


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