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What to Eat During Purim

One of the biggest parts of celebrating Purim is taking part in a Purim feast. Delicious food and family time go hand in hand in this happy holiday all about faith and overcoming evil. Here are some suggestions you can try for what to eat during Purim.

Triangular Foods

A common legend is that Haman frequently wore a three-point hat, and that’s why Jewish people eat three-pointed foods during Purim; it’s something of a way to mock the villain. While it’s not clear whether that’s true, it is true that triangular foods are extremely popular during Purim.

A crowd favorite is hamantaschen, a triangular cookie filled with poppy seeds, fruit, cheese, or other delicious fillings. There’s also kreplach, which is a triangular dumpling served on its own or with soup and filled with meat or other savory delights.

Vegetarian Meals

It’s said that Queen Esther, being dedicated to remaining on a kosher diet while in the palace, relegated herself to a vegetarian diet consisting mostly of fruits, nuts, and legumes. In her honor, many Jewish families choose to serve an entirely vegetarian Purim feast.

These feasts often include lentil soups and poppy seed dishes, as well as lots of fresh and dried fruits. They’re often traditional foods from Persia, Ethiopia, or India, as a way of honoring the setting of the story, so are always well-spiced and rich.

Wine and Treats

Of course, Purim is a holiday designed for celebrating the victory of the Jewish people over a cruel villain. For the adults, that often means imbibing various types of wine! Wine is a common accompaniment to Purim feasts and a frequent addition to Purim gift baskets.

For kids, this holiday means lots of sweet treats. This can be cookies or brightly colored candies and other sweet deserts served during a jovial family meal.


Purim is a holiday where food plays an extremely important role. If you’re looking to give the perfect Purim gift basket, Kosherline is ready to help. With a wide range of boxes and kosher gift baskets designed with Purim tradition in mind, you’re sure to find exactly what you need to make your loved one’s day this holiday season.

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