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How to Make the Perfect Shiva Gift Basket

No one likes to see their loved ones suffer, so many friends of Shiva mourners offer their support in the form of a kosher gift basket designed to help the family during this trying time.

Unsure how to make the perfect Shiva gift basket? Here are a few tips for what to include and how to include them.

Be Respectful of Tradition

Because it is a Jewish tradition, it’s important that all of the items in a Shiva gift basket be kosher, or in alignment with the dietary rules set out in the Torah. Consider these tips:

  • Don’t mix meat and dairy products
  • Don’t include any pork products
  • Check that any food you include is officially labeled as kosher

Offering a kosher gift basket during Shiva shows that you understand and support the grieving family’s religious beliefs. 

It may also be a good idea to include a card expressing your sympathy and offering a prayer or your thoughts for the deceased, and for their family. This lets the mourners know that they’re being thought of, and offers a personal touch to the basket.

Support the Family with Easy Foods

Shiva is above all a grieving process, meaning that the family is going through an intensely emotional and draining time. Including sharable, premade and ready-to-serve foods in your Shiva gift basket gives the mourners a way to keep their energy up without having to expend too much effort.

Dried fruits and nuts make excellent grazing foods, as they have lots of protein, vitamins, and minerals in them to support the family’s nutrition. You may also choose to include chocolates or wine as well; these are two of the most common cravings of a person in mourning.

Making your treats easy to share is important because Shiva is a period of visitation. The family will be receiving many guests during this time, and giving them freely available refreshments means the onus of hosting isn’t as heavy.

Let Kosher Line Help

If you’re giving your loved ones a Shiva gift basket, but you’re still not sure what to put in it, consider Kosher Line’s sympathy gift options. Ranging from simple fruit and nut boxes to deluxe towers that can be shared across the Shiva period, Kosherline is sure to have the perfect box to help you express your solidarity with the family.

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