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Should You Give a Kosher Gift Basket for Shiva?

Shiva is a time of intense mourning taken on by the closest family members of the deceased. During this time, it’s natural to want to help your loved ones in whatever way you can. So, why not offer them a Shiva gift basket?

Why Give a Shiva Gift Basket

Shiva gifts are intended to help the mourners during their time of need and express sympathy for their loss. As such, they’re usually small, helpful acts of service – doing daily chores like cleaning and shopping – or Kosher gift baskets containing food and drinks.

Shiva gift baskets are especially appropriate to give if you are unable to attend Shiva in person for any close neighbors, family, and friends. They typically include items like cookies, cakes, nuts, and dried and fresh fruits. They can also take the form of full, easy-to-serve meals that reduce the burden of preparing meals on the family.

What Not to Send During Shiva

There are some gifts that are inappropriate to send during Shiva.

One of the big “do nots” of this period is sending flowers. Though typical to send in many other Western cultures, flowers are seen as distracting and interrupting of the grieving process, and they also die. Jewish funeral tradition is extremely solemn and designed to allow mourners time to truly experience grief without being pulled away from it so that they can heal.

You also shouldn’t offer any food that requires excess preparation. As mentioned, the attempt is to pull the burden away from the family; asking them to expend time and energy preparing a meal is against this tradition.


Looking for the perfect Shiva gift basket to give to a friend or loved one? Kosherline has a wide range of pre-prepped, fully Kosher gift baskets that can be sent directly. With simple, subtle packaging and a variety of cookies, fruits, nuts, and wine, you can offer your sympathies with style.

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