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What to send a grieving Jewish family for Shiva - gift basket

What to Send a Grieving Jewish Family

Most cultures have their own “comfort foods” that bring back warm and familiar feelings of simple and happy times. Jewish families are no different. In the Jewish tradition, food is found to be comforting because it reminds people of the traditional foods they had growing up. If you’ve ever wondered what to send a grieving Jewish family, traditional comfort foods can be one of the most meaningful sentiments a Jewish family can receive.

After the unfortunate death of a loved one, the family practices a week-long mourning period known as Shiva. The purpose of this ritual is to reminisce and honor the memory of the loved one. During Shiva, it is customary to visit the homes of the family of the deceased which is called a Condolence Call. During this visit, mourners will share stories and memories of the passed loved one. Visitors will often bring food to the home of the mourning family. If you cannot visit in person, you can send a grieving Jewish family a sympathy card as well as some customary foods.

There are strict guidelines the family must follow during Shiva such as abstaining from cooking, leaving the house except to attend the Synagogue on Shabbat, working, and other daily activities. The primary focus of the Shiva practice is to focus on honoring the deceased. Therefore, the sending of food is much appreciated when contemplating what to send to a grieving Jewish family as it is both comforting and practical for the circumstances.

If you are searching for what to send a grieving Jewish family, Kosherline Gourmet Gifts offers a wonderful array of mourning Shiva baskets composed of the highest quality Kosher foods. Shiva baskets will typically contain traditional comfort foods such as fine babka cakes and pastries, delectable chocolates, and dried fruit and nuts to provide energy and nourishment for the seven days of Shiva. Browse our fine selection of sympathy and Shiva gifts to select the perfect basket to send to a grieving Jewish family.

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