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Is Edible Arrangements Kosher?

Food is a versatile love language amongst many different cultures that can be sent for a variety of reasons from congratulatory celebrations to grievances and mourning. Edible Arrangements is a prominent company that has dominated the fresh fruit arrangement market in the United States with over 1,000 store locations. Many people wonder, “Is Edible Arrangements Kosher?” While Edible Arrangements has grown over the past two decades, many other companies have
hopped on the gourmet gift basket train. In deciding which company is the best fit for you, there are certain things you may want to consider.

Is the arrangement kosher?

Kosher refers to the dietary framework for food preparation, processing, and consumption in the Jewish community. There are three main categories of food according to Kosher guidelines: meat, dairy, and pareve (any food that is not meat or dairy). In addition to these categories, there are also foods that are inherently non-kosher. While many edible arrangements are composed of intrinsic kosher foods, the edible arrangement must still be certified kosher to ensure the proper food preparation and processing methods are in place. All food must be prepared with specialized equipment that cannot be cross contaminated with non-kosher foods. All equipment and preparation procedures must be carefully inspected to receive kosher certification.

Edible Arrangements does offer some kosher certified stores in select locations. If you are looking to send someone a certified kosher arrangement, you can check your local Edible Arrangements store to see if it is kosher or order from an all kosher gift basket store that specializes in delicious kosher gift basket arrangements such as Kosherline Gourmet Gifts.

What is the occasion?

Gift baskets are a thoughtful way of sending your regards to loved ones. Due to the variety of occasions that may call for a gift basket, ensure you select one that is most appropriate and thoughtful. Many vendors will have different categories of gift baskets such as congratulations, get well, sympathy, etc. to best match your needs. It can be helpful to view these different categories to find an arrangement that best conveys your sentiments to the recipient.

How affordable is the gift basket?

While Edible Arrangements can sometimes be associated with carrying a hefty price tag, there are many kosher friendly gourmet gift baskets that don’t have to break the bank. When selecting the company to order from, evaluate what the gift basket includes, how many people it can feed, and what the shelf life of the products are to make sure you are receiving the best value for your money.

If you were wondering, “Is Edible Arrangements Kosher” hopefully this article has brought some clarity for you.

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