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The Perfect Hanukkah Gift Basket

With Hanukkah coming up, it’s time to start considering presents, and one of the easiest ways to give is with a gift basket! Here’s what you need to consider when creating a Hanukkah gift basket.

What to consider in a Hanukkah gift basket

When putting together a Hanukkah gift basket, consider who you’re giving it to. For closer friends and family, you might want to include more personalized gifts such as clothing or hobby items. For coworkers, you should stick to more traditional and professional items – although, you can definitely still add a bit of personality with some novelty items like cards or socks.

You’ll also want to consider any restrictions your recipient may have. It’s a good idea to ensure that your gift basket is Kosher, and that it does not violate any cultural norms. If possible, ask your recipient if there are any off-limits items you should know about, and keep note of this while you’re putting the basket together.

For most Hanukkah gift baskets, traditional items such as sweets, coins, dreidels, and other small trinkets are appropriate.

Where to find Hanukkah gift baskets

You can certainly create your gift baskets yourself from items you find locally, especially if you have a particular idea for what you want to include. If you intend on buying your gift baskets, however, you’ll have to consider where to get them.

Local stores rarely carry Hanukkah-specific gift baskets, but may carry packages that are appropriate to use for Hanukkah anyway. Be aware of what’s in the basket, as not all items are likely to be kosher.You can find Hanukkah and Jewish tradition specific baskets online relatively easily. Here at Kosherline, we carry completely kosher gift baskets for many different occasions and events. They include various delicious treats in classy and convenient boxes, with options for corporate gifting if you need them.

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