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Purim Gift Basket

4 Signs You’re a Purim Gift Basket Expert

Are you a Purim gift basket expert? Know the ins and outs of the holiday, backward and forward? If you can agree with this piece, you just might be.

Here are the 4 signs you’re a Purim gift basket expert.

You Keep It Kosher

As Purim is, of course, a Jewish holiday, the expert in you knows that this needs to be a kosher gift basket. You make sure to follow the rules of food law in Jewish culture – there’s no pork, shellfish, or dairy mixing in your Purim gift basket!

You know that traditional foods like hamantaschen and kreplach are always welcome, as are fruits, nuts, and other treats.

You Pack a Punch (And Lots of Goodies)

A Purim gift basket is part of the festivities, and you know that this means it looks the part. When you’re packing your basket, you choose the best basket or box, colorful treats and toys, and a heartfelt card for your friends and family.

You know that the order of the day is bright colors and masquerade masks – ribbons and frills galore!

You Understand the Gift

As mentioned, you know that tradition is important, so you know that following the mitzvah of giving mishloach manot.

  • Your basket has at least two ready-to-go foods in it.
  • You know that it’s traditional for men to not give to unmarried women and vice versa, and that you don’t offer mishloach manot to those in mourning.
  • You’ve got someone to deliver the gift for you.

You Keep It on Schedule

Of course, a Purim gift basket isn’t a Purim gift basket if its late! You understand this perfectly, so you plan well ahead of time. If you’re buying your kosher gift basket, you leave ample time for shipping so that it arrives on time. If you’re making it, you make your basket in advance and offer it on the day.


Need some help hitting expert level? Kosherline’s got you covered. Pick a Purim gift basket from our lineup, full of delicious treats and gorgeous packaging, and watch your friends and family smile.

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