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Purim Kosher Gift Basket

4 Reasons to Send a Purim Gift Basket

When celebrating Purim, there’s a lot going on. Feasts, festivals, and fun abound, and one of the most common traditions is the giving of a Purim gift basket. But why?

Here are 4 reasons to send a Purim gift basket.

To Celebrate Jewish Liberation

Purim is a Jewish holiday celebrating the saving of the Jewish people from the cruel Haman by the king’s wife, Esther. The Jews of Persia were set to be exterminated by this king on Haman’s advice, but through Esther’s revelation that she herself was Jewish, the people were saved.

The holiday is practiced celebrating this brave woman’s acts and the continued, miraculous survival of the Jewish people. A big part of that celebration is the giving of food in the form of Purim gift baskets, a gesture which shows that the Jewish people are thriving!

To Express Union

One of Haman’s accusations against the Jewish people, as told in the Book of Esther, is that they are “scattered and dispersed” as a nation. His comments were made to express how easy it would be to eliminate the Jews of Persia, but he was quickly proved wrong.

As a way of rebelling against those words, Jewish people even today offer each other kosher gift baskets as a sign that they are a strong, united community.

To Fulfill the Mitzvah

A mitzvah (literally “commandment”) is a deed described by Jewish tradition designated as a good act that expresses empathy and kindness on a conscious level. There are many mitzvahs across the Jewish holiday traditions.

For Purim, the biggest Mitzvah is the giving of mishloach manot (Purim gift baskets) to others in your community.

To Make Sure Everyone Gets to Celebrate

Of course, the main reason for giving mishloach manot during Purim is to help out! Offering someone who is struggling or in a bad place a gift basket makes sure that everyone, great and small, can celebrate the holiday.

This kindness is a cornerstone of Judaism; the value of Chesed is incredibly important not only within the community, but when interacting with people in general. Offering your help to the less fortunate, or even a simple gift to your close friends, is an act of Chesed.


Purim is a time to celebrate, and celebrate together, with food, festivals, and fun. If you’re still looking for the perfect Purim kosher gift basket for someone you love, let Kosherline help! We’ve got a wide range of gift sets that’ll be sure to please any recipient.

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