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How to Make Beautiful Purim Gift Baskets

How to Make Beautiful Purim Gift Baskets

Purim is a time of celebration in Jewish culture, and a big part of those festivities is giving mishloach manot, or Purim gift baskets! These gift baskets are full of delicious treats that show your family and friends you care and are thinking of them.

Need help with ideas for your presents? Here’s how to make beautiful Purim gift baskets your loved ones will appreciate.

Get Creative and Colorful with Your Purim Gift Basket

Purim is a holiday of costumes and colors, so your Purim gift basket should match! Try putting your presents in a colorful woven basket, or a decorative gift box. You might even decorate the container yourself before any of the treats go in, to give it an extra personal touch.

Try to arrange your treats inside the container in an interesting way. Using colorful straw to hold things in place can make the arrangement look both fun and professional. You could even finish it off with colorful ribbons or feathers!

Sweet Treats for a Kosher Gift Basket

The things inside the basket are just as important as the colorful outside! Include traditional kosher treats in your Purim gift basket, like hamantaschen and kreplach, displayed in their own mini containers. You can also include colorful drinks for kids or decorative wines for adults, as well as nuts, fruits, and colorful candies to fill out any extra space.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to just edible treats! Consider including some longer-lasting goodies like masquerade masks to supply for festivities, small games and toys, or a cute mug. Pick something that you know the recipient loves as a personal touch.


Still not sure where to start with a Purim gift basket? Head over to Kosherline’s Purim gift selection to get some inspiration. We’ve got baskets perfect for all your loved ones with gorgeous decorative packaging. And who knows – maybe you’ll find the perfect Purim gift basket right there!

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