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What Are Corporate Gifts?

Everyone loves to get a gift from their friend or their relative, but what about when you get one from your boss or a vendor? What are corporate gifts, and why do we give them?

Here’s what corporate gifting is, what it means, and why it’s important.

What are Corporate Gifts?

Let’s quickly define “corporate” to get a better idea of what we’re talking about. A corporate setting is that of a business. In this space, managers work with teams and individual practitioners work with clients to provide a good or service. 

Though based highly on professionalism, corporate settings are still considered social, and as such, often include social events like staff and client parties and retreats to promote a sense of community and allow people to network. During these events, it’s customary to offer a gift of some description. 

So then, corporate gifts are the gifts given from management to staff or from professionals to their clients.

Why Do We Give Corporate Gifts?

A highly practical reason for giving corporate gifts is promotion. Branded gifts that the recipient is likely to use are an excellent way of getting your company’s name in front of the recipient’s circle and consistently remind them of you. It’s also great for public relations if a company or professional is seen as caring and approachable.

Traditional holidays still exist in a corporate setting – Hannukah, Christmas, Eid, New Year’s celebrations, and other important events still happen. 

Most companies and professionals will recognize these events and want to offer their well wishes to their staff and clients during the holiday seasons as a sign that they care about them as people rather than just as business partners.

The biggest reason we give corporate gifts is to offer a sense of personality and connection that isn’t otherwise always on display in a professional setting. Gifts are kind and thoughtful gestures we associate with comradery between friends and loved ones; bringing them into a corporate setting helps lighten the mood and promote community rather than strict business during lighter events.


At Kosherline, we are happy to offer corporate gifts and corporate gift basket options that will let your staff or clients know that you are more than just a business. Show them that you care with nuts, fruits, sweets, wine, and more, available in bulk and take advantage of our ship to multiple addresses function and saved address feature for easy corporate gift giving year after year. 

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