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What Make the Best Corporate Gifts?

Gift giving is already difficult, so adding the extra layer of a corporate atmosphere to the activity can be intimidating. Here’s what you need to look for in corporate gifting and what makes the best corporate gifts.

What to Look for in Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting differs from personal gifting in that it should be professional and cordial. Personalization, while often appreciated, is optional and not necessary.

When giving corporate gifts, remember that this is a chance to represent your brand, so go with elegance and quality. Show your recipients that you care and that you put in effort to find a reasonable and interesting present.

Corporate Gift Ideas

Here are some of the best corporate gifts you can give your clients or staff.

Office Décor

In an office setting, offering your staff a way to personalize their space can help encourage them and make them feel valued. Offering high-quality stationary or equipment, or small decorations like desktop plants or cushions, can be more than enough.

Snacks and Treats

Everyone enjoys a good treat! Offering your clients a selection of high-quality chocolates or a bottle of wine is a great way to celebrate a holiday without feeling the need to get personal with gifts. Kosherline has beautiful hand-made corporate gift baskets full of amazing signature chocolates, treats, dried fruits and nuts, baked goods, fresh fruit, and more. 

Customized Gifts

If you do prefer to add a personal touch, a customized gift can be exactly what you’re looking for. You may choose to offer an engraved pen set, company-customized shirt or jacket, or a drinking vessel (mugs and thermoses are popular and useful). This is both a useful, fun present and a marketing opportunity for your brand. 

Gift Baskets

If you can’t decide what to get, then a corporate gift basket is the perfect option for you. They can include a variety of goods sure to please anyone, and can be made or bought in bulk easily, which is great for larger offices or those with long client lists.


Corporate gifting is a great way to maintain a strong, dedicated team at your company and encourage your clients to stay loyal to your brand. With a little bit of thought, you can send a corporate gift that is sure to please.

Excited to share a high-quality gift basket with your staff or clients? Kosherline has plenty of corporate gifting options available, with hand selected fruits, nuts, wine, and sweets. Have a large list to send to? Our “ship to multiple address” option will make your corporate gift giving easy. 

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